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Elevate your Enterprise AI

Creating an AI-integrated framework for businesses, harnessing
the power of your data for advanced solutions

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Leverage your Data

Extract unprecedented insights from vast data troves, and empower AI
models for confident and informed decision-making.

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Train Expansive AI Models

Construct custom AI models by unleashing your data's power,
and propel your business with unrivaled efficiency

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Build Smart Apps for Enterprise

Accelerate enterprise-wide AI activation with a flexible
framework addressing design and run-time needs.

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Reliable & Secure Enterprise AI For the Future

Agile, Precise & Scalable

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The boundless possibilities of Generative AI as iOPEX engages business leaders to uncover essential use-cases that align with your objectives

Your operation processes and redefine its potential with advanced Generative AI to deliver total customer & employee experiences

Your enterprise data to identify lucrative ways for Generative AI to optimize operations, experience and accelerate growth

Your organization's future with smart applications across business functions powered by robust AI models and enterprise data.

The evolution of employee & customer experiences by building a robust A.I. workbench to speed up production and deployment of AI powered applications

Enterprise AI led Transformation

Special thanks to our customers for investing in the innovation journey & discovering the art of possible with us

Build AI

Gather, Refine, and Embed Data | Train & Assist Models | Iterate for Accuracy

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    Knowledge Engineering

    Build long term enterprise memory

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    Model Engineering

    Fine-tune base models on proprietary data

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    Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF)

    Steer model responses to solve enterprise specific business challenges


Adopt AI

Unlocking AI's potential: Intelligent apps and secure models for enhanced experiences

Scaling Data : Base Models

Enterprise Data : Model Mastery

Plug & Play : AI APIs

Platform-Driven : Smart Apps Dev


Scaling Data : Base Models

Enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of your base models (OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, Cohere, AI21, Stability AI, and other leading open-source models like FLAN-T5, UL2, GPT-J, GPT-NeoX.) by utilizing your enterprise data. Convert your enterprise data sources into long-term storage for easy accessibility across different A.I. context


Enterprise Data : Model Mastery

Integrate innovative Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) technology, to incorporate human preferences and improve model performance for Enterprise specific needs.

Choose deployment options - secure deployment within your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or use iOPEX's infrastructure to manage your application.


Plug & Play : AI APIs

Easily launch your applications through ASK API endpoints with the assistance of integrated surveillance and continual improvement features.

Assess and build by leveraging the developer platform available on iOPEX AI Workbench that leverage your data packaged in the A.I models


Platform-Driven : Smart Apps Dev

Transform your enterprise by utilizing personalized Generative AI based apps that are seamlessly integrated with Enterprise A.I. models. Develop bespoke applications that are created from the ground up to cater to your specific and futuristic business needs.

Innovate with AI

Turbocharge your business engine!! Leverage the incredible capabilities of Generative AI, be the driving force behind the future of your industry

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Customer Experience

Utilize iOPEX's Generative AI framework to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. By analyzing customer data, we identify patterns for personalized recommendations and tailored solutions. Anticipate needs with iOPEX's Generative AI, delivering relevant offerings to boost engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

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Knowledge Assistants

iOPEX's Generative AI framework empowers knowledge assistance by leveraging data analysis to offer personalized recommendations and tailored solutions, anticipating needs and enhancing customer satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty.

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Process Optimization

Revolutionizes process optimization by utilizing iOPEX's Generative AI framework to turbocharge process efficiency, streamline operations, and drive optimal outcomes, resulting in enhanced productivity, cost savings, and improved overall performance.

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Content Development

Transform content development with cutting-edge iOPEX's Generative AI framework, leveraging advanced algorithms to produce captivating, top-notch content. Save time and resources while ensuring relevance, creativity, and heightened audience engagement.

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Native AI Apps

Experience the future with Native AI apps driven by iOPEX's Generative AI. These powerful applications harness advanced algorithms to deliver innovative and personalized solutions, revolutionizing user experiences and enterprise data.

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Coding Assistants

Unlock the potential of coding with iOPEX's Generative AI-powered coding assistants. These intelligent tools leverage advanced algorithms to provide efficient and accurate coding suggestions, streamlining development workflows and enhancing productivity.


Simplify your Enterprise AI needs via AI Workbench

Discover the power of iOPEX's AI Workbench — a revolutionary toolkit unlocking the full potential of AI. With this comprehensive solution, effortlessly transform your business with AI, From simplified data preparation to effortless model training and evaluation, seamless model deployment and monitoring, and scalable smart application development. Our streamlined process empowers you to focus on innovation, growth, and staying ahead of the competition. Seamlessly integrate, adapt, and future-proof your business with iOPEX's AI Workbench—embracing simplicity, innovation, and growth!

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